About Chris


Chris founded Center Stage Group in the spring of 1998, when the volume inside her head to become a Presentation and Communication Consultant became too loud to ignore. Today her passion is helping people shift awareness and ultimately their behavior, in order to make significant professional and personal changes. She’s built a reputation helping leaders expand their Executive Presence and deliver compelling Presentations, so they can become the bold and authentic leaders they were meant to be.
In her approach with leaders and teams, Chris blends tough love with positive support. As a classical musician, Chris believes the art of communicating demands consistent practice.Much like lifting weights or doing yoga, every single day we can choose to expand our communication strengths and evolve our weaker areas. Chris inspires long-term positive changes.

About Center Stage Group

For the past 16 years, the Center Stage Group has helped executives and mid-tier leaders to align and expand their Executive Presence, so the minute they walk into a room they are seen as strong, confident and ready to lead.

We empower people to communicate with focused intent.

Center Stage helps you and your team to:

  • Present, Demo, or Tell your story so people listen and take action
  • Develop leadership and communication strengths
  • Collaborate with shared intention
  • Inspire others to step up and challenge status quo
  • Transform your leadership potential
  • Communicate authentically

Whether you’re looking for 1:1 Coaching for you, your top talent, or a group of technical developers, engage us to help raise the bar.

Next time you plan a Team Offsite, brainstorm ideas with us. We realize one size doesn’t fit all, and we’ll gladly customize a program to fit your needs.

  • Cement Your Team’s Brand
  • Influence  ‘Up, Across, & Down’
  • Promoting Accomplishments
  • Using Conflict to Strengthen Your Team’s Cohesiveness

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