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Chris is a popular speaker, facilitator and trainer. 
 She is available for one-hour, half-day or full-day speaking events. The SJ Mercury News Magazine featured Chris Melching at PBWC in San Francisco.

Popular Topics

  • Make a Lasting Impact
  • Ready, Set, Inspire!
  • Meeting with Executives

Make A Lasting Impact

Promoting what you’ve done isn’t easy, but it’s critical in today’s tough economic times. If you don’t learn to promote yourself and stand out, you don’t move forward. Learn how to showcase your accomplishments on a consistent basis. Can you easily share your accomplishments without feeling awkward?  How do you stand out above the crowd? How do you make an impact when you’re on the phone?

In this highly interactive and engaging program, you will learn two key ingredients to communicating your value to others.  First, know what you want your audience to walk away remembering.  Second, learn how to leverage your professional presence.

You’ll also learn:

  • Learn to showcase your accomplishments without sounding arrogant
  • Maximize your presence on the phone
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Strategize your ideal outcome

Timeframe: 1 hour keynote, Half-day workshop, Two-day workshop
To book Chris for your next event, please send me an email.

Ready, Set, Inspire!

Are you aware and confident in the value you bring to the table?  How can you shift your attitude and move beyond self-doubt when it creeps into your day? How do you motivate people to take action? What does your body language and facial expression communicate to others? How can you influence other people without appearing selfish?

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Package your ideas and accomplishments
  • Influence others for greater success
  • Change people’s pulse
  • Maximize your professional presence

Timeframe: 1 hour keynote, Half-day workshop, Two-day workshop
To book Chris for your next event, please send me an email.

Meeting With Executives

Now more than ever it’s important to stand out and gain visibility with executives and key stakeholders. How do you grab their attention and demonstrate value? What you say and how you say makes a huge difference. That’s even tougher if you’re on the phone. How can you avoid common mistakes?

In this program, Chris will show you how to:

  • Elevate the conversation
  • Strategize your approach
  • Learn how to get and keep their attention
  • Increase your visibility
  • Maximize your chances for success

Timeframe: 1 hour keynote, Half-day workshop, Two-day workshop
To book Chris for your next event, please send me an email.

Team Offsites

1/2 Day / 1 Day / 2 Days

Learn more

Next time you plan your Team Offsite, brainstorm ideas with me. I realize one size doesn’t fit all, and I’ll gladly customize a program to fit your needs.

  • Cement Your Team’s Brand
  • Influence ‘Up, Across, & Down’
  • Promoting Accomplishments
  • Using Conflict to Strengthen Your Team’s Cohesiveness

Cement Your Team’s Brand

What do other Business Units inside your company think of your team? Do they perceive the value your team brings to the table? Are they engaging your team in the way you’d like?

To cement your team brand, you need everyone signing from the same hymnal. Consistency helps reinforce a product’s brand. It’s the same for your team. Give me one day with your team, and I’ll help your group get on the same page to solidify your team’s value and brand. Give me two days, and I’ll also help each person explore their individual professional brand as well. In this Team Offsite, we’ll develop a team elevator pitch or messaging so you can emphasize and reinforce what matters.

Influence ‘Up, Across, & Down’

The driving force behind positive influence is the ability to listen with intention. Success is short-lived when people don’t respect one another. At the heart of sustained business transactions are positive relationships. In this Team Offsite, I’ll show your team several strategies to influence others. We’ll role play, and practice, practice, practice. I guarantee by the end of the training, you will see improvements. Plus, I’m optimistic each person will be able to identify a style that works for them. Being able to influence is as important as knowing how to stay on top of email. In today’s business climate, being able to influence up, across, and down is essential, not optional.

Promote Your Team’s Accomplishments

Most of us have bought into the stereotype that when we sell our ideas to others, we’re bragging about ourselves. Yet if you look at the people who tend to get more visibility and high profile projects, chances are they are the ones who have learned how to promote what they’ve done, without sounding arrogant. In this Team Offsite, I’ll show you and your team how to do that. It’s about keeping the focus on the desired outcomes, the motivation behind creating positive change or transformation. And it’s about learning to package your ideas succinctly. If you sound passionate and communicate with enthusiasm, it’s more likely you’ll keep other people engaged.

Using Conflict to Strengthen Cohesiveness

Teams who learn to embrace differences, disagreements, or conflict have deeper connections and more cohesiveness. As humans, we aren’t meant to get along all the time with everyone. Our ability to be honest with ourselves and our team members reflects the health of our professional relationships. Teams who trust one another achieve more together. In this Team Offsite, I’ll teach your group a strategy for being able to share honest impressions, expectations, frustrations, and differences of opinion in a structured way. We will explore the negative consequences of blame, passive aggressive actions, denial or ignoring conflict, and how to stop unproductive communication patterns. This framework will provide your team with the skills to move beyond disagreements.

Chris Melching is IMPACTFUL. She has changed my world. Chris sees deeply into me, pulls out the winning-est characteristics and helps me understand and correct my weak spots. She is truly a gifted coach, and I recommend her with enthusiasm.
-Bo Brustkern, Founder of Arcstone Partners and co-Founder of Lend Academy Investments